Druze sheikh released after militia strongarms regime in Suwayda

One day after regime soldiers arrested a member of the Sheikhs of Dignity at a checkpoint ostensibly because he was “wanted for military service,” the armed wing of the independent Druze movement responded by arresting 46 regime soldiers in Suwayda provin

Suwayda internet cut off after protest critical of regime

The regime cut off internet access to Suwayda province one day after more than a thousand residents demonstrated in the provincial capital in a move that organizers call an attempt to impede further demonstrations, reported pro-opposition All4Syria Wednes

New group of Druze flees regime military service

Young men from Suwayda fled from mandatory military service in the regime’s ranks on Saturday after learning that they would be stationed outside the Druze-majority province, reported Swaida Khabar.