Lacking reinforcements, rebel mountain stronghold falls to regime

AMMAN: The north Latakia town of Salma, the gateway into the rebel-held Jabal al-Akrad mountain range, fell to the regime due to a “lack of available fighters,” an intense Russian bombing campaign and internal disputes over the priority of different front

The aftermath of Russian airstrikes: Latakia tallies the toll

AMMAN: Russian airstrikes over the past three weeks have forced thousands of families in the rebel-held north Latakia countryside to flee their homes for crowded camps on Syria’s border with Turkey, a local official tells Syria Direct.

New rail line opens in coastal heartland

Regime officials presided over the official re-opening of the Latakia train station last week after the completion of a new rail line running along the Syrian coast, where the regime enjoys popular support within the Alawite- majority coastal provinces of

Ahrar a-Sham strikes Latakia city with rockets

AMMAN: Ahrar a-Sham struck the coastal city of Latakia with two rockets that scored “direct hits,” a spokesman told Syria Direct Wednesday, as pro-opposition and pro-regime media remain divided over the casualties.