Syrian army pushes across desert towards Tabqa

ISTANBUL: The Syrian army and its allies are advancing across the eastern desert towards the Islamic State-controlled city of Tabqa, which lies adjacent to a military airbase and sits 40km west of IS’s de facto capital of Raqqa.

Activist: Islamic State currency a ‘media stunt’

Amman: The Islamic State never produced its much-publicized precious-metal currency, intended to replace US dollars and Syrian pounds, and has in fact only produced a few “souvenir coins,” activists in Raqqa told Syria Direct on Thursday.

Tribes’ Army disbands in north amidst accusations of YPG blockade

AMMAN: Citing a “lack of support” and an “inability to function,” Jabhat Thuwar a-Raqqa has dissolved its Tribes’ Army, allegedly due to a “strangling Kurdish siege,” the latest in a series of squabbles and skirmishes that appear to have strained its alli