Injured northern rebels hold sit-in to demand unpaid wages

For a year after a bullet struck Maher Mohammad’s lower spine in 2013, he kept going out to the frontlines in his home province of Aleppo. He became a paraplegic, but says his presence as a former commander on the battlefield raised morale.

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ROUNDTABLE: What outcome do you expect from the Astana talks?

Syrian government representatives met with leaders from opposition factions including Jaish al-Islam, the Free Syrian Army and the Kurdish National Council this past Monday and Tuesday in Astana, Kazakhstan. The UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Sy

Rebels surrender east Aleppo, evacuations begin

AMMAN: Rebel forces say they are prepared to leave east Aleppo on Thursday, as civilians and the wounded depart for the city’s opposition-controlled western countryside after months of strangling encirclement and bombardment offensive, local military and