Activist: Islamic State currency a ‘media stunt’

Amman: The Islamic State never produced its much-publicized precious-metal currency, intended to replace US dollars and Syrian pounds, and has in fact only produced a few “souvenir coins,” activists in Raqqa told Syria Direct on Thursday.

‘Raqqa city has become a stage for international revenge’

AMMAN: After nearly three dozen French airstrikes on Sunday, Raqqans who spoke to Syria Direct Monday said they “don’t wish Islamic State oppression on anyone” amidst fears that their city “has become a state for international revenge.”

Jabhat Thuwar A-Raqqa ‘an essential component of the SDF’

An officer with Jabhat Thuwar A-Raqqa described the Sunni rebel group as an “essential component of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)” on Wednesday at a graduation ceremony for 500 of its newest fighters, according to an interview with the Kurdish TV cha